Funding is Flying

$2.7 million will be provided over the next four years to Charters Towers Council, CSIRO and the Department of Science to establish methods to manage the flying fox roost in the Towers.

flying foxes
$900,000 is earmarked for trials of innovative management approaches in Charters Towers.

The mass invasion of over 200,000 flying foxes last year was said to be down to flowering plants.

Mayor Liz Schmit has welcomed the funding but says there’s no easy solution or quick fix.

“It means we can move forward on trialling various management options and experimenting over the next six months.”

“We also don’t want to make the situation worse by dispersing flying-fox into neighbouring houses, schools and parks. For most of the year, they are contained in Lissner Park.”

“Charters Towers is leading the way in collaborating between Local and State Governments, research bodies and community representatives through the Advisory Committee. We will be used as a hub to trial possible solutions.”