Focus to Senior Safety

The safety of our senior citizens came into focus in the past week with a visit to Dalrymple Villas by Charters Towers Police and the Townsville District Crime Prevention Unit who turned up with lots of tips about crime prevention.

Police discussed core personal safety strategies and development of a personal safety plan with other topics including safety in the home, safety on the internet, safety out and about and safety in the car.


Residents were encouraged to implement simple security measures to ensure that they did not become a victim of crime.

And some of those take away messages are relevant for us all.

Avoid becoming a target at home by ensuring to:

  •  Lock all doors and windows;
  •  Observe movements in your street;
  •  Check your home security;
  •  Know your neighbours;
  •  Secure your shed and garage; and
  •  Engrave your property.

Protect your motor vehicle by:

  •  Not leaving the keys in the ignition or in the vehicle;
  •  Secure your motor vehicle key when not in use;
  •  Always locking doors and close windows when your motor vehicle key when not in use;
  •  Installing an effective anti-theft device;
  •  Parking your motor vehicle off the street, preferably in your yard; and
  •  If you must keep valuables in your motor vehicle keep them out of sight.

Local police say they’re are committed to high visibility patrols in the area to deter criminal activity.