Election day is over

12773168_1268335029851309_1613134536_oThe election process is nearly finished, polling booths are officially closed, and counting has begun at the RSL to determine our next Charters Towers Regional Council.

The four Mayoral candidates were out hitting the pavement with their supporters all day with each hoping to be the name at the top of the pile come decision time.

Incumbent Mayor Frank Beveridge says the current council, and he himself, have done everything they can to hand the baton over in a good state.

“Not much has really changed, it’s still hard to pick the mood of the community, obviously we’re going through hard economic times but I’m certainly getting a lot of support from a lot of people and we’ll see in about two hours if that translates to me being in office for another four years,” Cr Beveridge says.

“It’s certainly comforting to know that I have been a part of a very good team.

“I’d still like to think we’ve done enough in the last four years to warrant getting back in.”

Contender Liz Schmidt can see the race going down to the wire.

“I think it’s too close, I’m anticipating a bit of a trend tonight but a third of the vote is pre-poll and postal so we’ll have to wait until sometime next week I think,” she says.

Ms Schmidt says the support from the general public has been a positive boost.

“I’ve had a lot of good comments from people, a lot of back slapping and hand shaking but you never know until the last vote’s counted,” she says.

As for her plans for the rest of the night.

“One or two beverages and a good sleep.”

Current Deputy Mayor Wally Brewer says win or lose he’s done everything he can and the die has now been cast.

“It’s over now and we’ll just wait for the result and either way life goes on, pick yourself up and keep going,” Cr Brewer says.

“I’ve been pleased with the support I’ve received but I don’t think anyone can be quietly confident in this particular race.”

He too can’t see a definitive result coming out of tonight’s count.

“You’ll pick up on the trend tonight and as a rule that generally carries through to the postal votes,” he says.

Andrew Jensen says he hopes, if elected, that a good, committed team of councillors stand next to him.

“I’d like to be confident but there’s four candidates, just have to trust in what the people decide and go with the umpires decision,” Mr Jensen says.

“There’s all the postal votes to come in too so I’ve got no idea.

“There’s been plenty of favourable comments come out of the polling booths, a part of me is hopeful and the other part of me is optimistic.”

The scrutineers are now hard at work deciphering the thousands of votes cast, in the next few hours we may know who our next Mayor will be.