Don’t Kick Stock Route Reform

AgForce is calling on the Queensland Government to get on with the job of reforming the state’s 2.6 million-hectare network for travelling livestock.

stockmen on stock route
The organization’s Cattle Board Director Peter Hall says with many parts of Queensland entering their sixth year of drought, ensuring the state’s stock routes were managed and maintained properly was now more important than ever.

Mr Hall says it’s incredibly disappointing that Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham is now claiming we can’t move forward because drovers, conservationists and indigenous groups need to be consulted yet again.

“AgForce joined with councils and the Queensland Government in mid-2017 to hammer out the ‘Longreach accord’ which outlined eight key requirements for stock route reform, around issues such as fees, oversight, an education program and the development of a state management plan.”

“The key stakeholders – landholders, councils and the State Government – all agree on the key principles and all agree urgent reform and investment is needed to ensure the stock route network doesn’t end up unusable. Let’s just get on with it.”

Mr Hall says the Queensland Government was only being asked to maintain capital funding for water facilities and make a modest investment to support a transition process to allow councils to take more responsibility for managing the stock route network.

“The Minister is not the only one being asked to put his hand in his pocket. AgForce has actually backed fair fees for long term grazing as well as price increases for travelling stock, with the money raised to be reinvested into network maintenance,”

Mr Hall says while the organization is aware that fee increases won’t be popular with all members AgForce is prepared to back higher fees if the return is a sustainably-run stock route network for current and future generations to use.

“We have the model, the conditions and the draft legislation. Efforts to reform the stock route network must not stall now.”

He says there can be no more delays.

“The stock route network has been plagued for decades by issues such as overgrazing by producers, unmanaged weed infestations and an inadequate fee structure that meant infrastructure such as watering points were not maintained or renewed.”