Dedicated funds & Focus for Prickly Acacia Control

A dedicated and fully funded long-term government assistance program is being called for to tackled by Queensland Senator Barry O’Sullivan.

Prickly Acacia

Senator O’Sullivan says weed and pest management programs need to be treated as distinct challenges and funded in separate allocations.

Senator O’Sullivan travelled with western Queensland NRM group, Desert Channels Queensland, which showcased the areas to senior representative from the federal Department of Agriculture last week in Longreach and Barcaldine as part of their efforts to raise awareness to the issues.

The Senator says he wants to see weed management allocated funding from a separate government funding pool to pest management to ensure both challenges are effectively addressed.

“The federal government has invested significant funds to combat pest management since the release of the Agriculture White Paper. While many millions of dollars are being set aside to tackle wild dogs, especially in central Queensland, we need to also see adequate funds dedicated to specifically tackle prickly acacia.”

“If left unchecked, prickly acacia will continue to substantially weaken farm productivity across our state.

Senator O’Sullivan says he’s been encouraged by the response from the federal Department of Agriculture during this latest journey through regions.