Crocodile Rock This Christmas

In what’s being hailed as one of the most bizarre Christmas messages ever, new Environment Minister Leanne Enoch wants the people of North Queensland to play nicely with crocodiles this year.

She has asked boaties, fishers and people camping near waterways in northern Queensland croc country and urged people to be Crocwise this Christmas while enjoying the great outdoors.

“It’s perfectly possible to live and play safely in croc country by being Crocwise. The most important thing to remember is that just because you can’t see a crocodile, it doesn’t mean one isn’t close by. Treat all waterways as croc country, and when fishing, always stand a few metres back from the water’s edge and never stand on logs or branches overhanging the water.”

The Minister, while offering no solution to the norths’ invasion by exploding croc numbers, instead warns.

“Never clean fish or discard fish scraps near the water’s edge, around campsites or at boat ramps and when camping, make sure you pitch your tent at least two metres above the high water mark, and no closer than 50 metres from the water’s edge.”

Her Department of Environment and Science Northern Wildlife Operations Manager Dr Matt Brien says the Christmas break coincided with the start of the estuarine crocodile nesting season, when female crocodiles can be fiercely defensive while guarding their nests or young.

Dr Brien said that although work is carried out to remove problem crocs, it would always be impossible to guarantee that any waterway in croc country was free of the animals.

Welcome to sunny Queensland!!