Council Hits the Road

Residents at Greenvale who attended a previous visit by Council representatives.

It’ll be eyes and ears wide open for all Councillors as they visit six rural townships and locations during May and June as they press ahead with cross regional consultation.

Mayor Liz Schmidt, councillors and senior Council staff are currently planning the round of visits that will cover a large part of the rural Council region.

Cr Schmidt says she look forward to the visits and stresses their need.

“It’s important that as a Council we visit residents who live in these townships and rural properties. It is much more appropriate to do this than ask residents to come to Charters Towers and sit down with us.

“I know a lot of our rural residents personally and I’m always anxious to meet new faces and discuss matters that are important to them face to face.”

This year’s rural round of visits will include:
• Bowie Station – 4 May
• Homestead and Pentland – 9 May
• Ravenswood – 18 May
• Fletcher Vale Station and Clay Hole Station – 31 May
• Greenvale – 5 June
• Hervey Range – 9 June

Visits to the townships of Homestead, Pentland, Ravenswood, Greenvale and Hervey Range will be hosted by the respective progress associations. Visits to the stations will be hosted by the families.

The various progress associations are important local entities and assist Council in keeping up to date with residents’ particular needs.

Council is the major supporter of the six township progress associations. At the February Council resolved to continue these annual financial contributions.

Council will distribute a total of $33,100 to progress associations in Pentland, Homestead, Greenvale, Hervey Range and Ravenswood this year.

These funds cover the associations’ basic costs incurred this financial year according to the budgets submitted to Council.

However the funds do not include the cost of the Council employee – town officer – at the various townships.

Residents at the various locations will be able to question elected members and Council officers on the services that are provided and also request additional services that they may have identified.

The visits can often reveal problems with local roads or other services that Council has not been made aware of previously.

Visiting the rural areas also provides Cr Schmidt, councillors and senior Council staff to provide explanations as to why an action was taken or not taken.

The Mayor says she is looking forward to hitting the road and having a cuppa with residents in the various locations.