Common Sense Approach to Vegetation Management


AgForce begins a new push for an overhaul of Queensland’s Vegetation Management laws today, with the target all major political parties, ahead of the up- coming state election.

AgForce will reveal its new policy which pushes for a one on one approach with farmers able to negotiate with the state over how they manage vegetation is managed on individual properties.

The new policy also inclues better appeal rights for landowners who have applications rejected.

AgForce President Grant Maudsley says Ag-Force’s Healthy Environment, Healthy Agriculture policy addresses the imbalance in the current government policy.

“Since 1999, there have been 38 amendments to vegetation management laws, which has confused and frustrated farmers, stifled regional development and job opportunities, and eroded trust in government.”

Mr Maudsley says AgForce wants plans to be negotiated between landholders and the State Government on agreed environmental and production outcomes, clearer processes for clearing permit applications, and a staged approach for large-scale agricultural developments.

“Farmers are sick and tired of vegetation management laws being used as a political football election after election.”

He says the new approach offers a Baseline Area Management Plan … and an agreement between the State Government and landholder about how vegetation management would occur.

The State Government lost its bid to change the laws last year when the legislation failed to pass the hung Parliament and it is now widely tipped that Labor will campaign heavily on vegetation management during the election campaign waving the “land clearing” banner hard in key urban electorates they are targeting.