Comedy festival rolls in

comedy festThe Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is rolling into town tomorrow for their side-stitching performance at the World Theatre.

Comedian Xavier Michelides is one of the travelling acts and says the entire crew can’t wait to get to town.

“Yeah definitely, I’ve never been there before and I really want to check out the town and see what there is to do,” he says.

Anyone who has watched the gala on TV knows it’s hours of laughs and expect the same from the roadshow.

“It’s just good variety, there’s literally something for everyone, I know that’s cliché but you’ve got skits and stand-ups and people from different parts of Australia and the world even…so there’s a good mix,” Michelides says

“It’s like the comedy festival gala just in a small pre-packaged version.”

This group are touring north Queensland and Michelides says they’re all enjoying the trip so far.

“It’s really good, it’s just a chance to see so much of Australia, meeting lots of comics, it’s just one of the dream jobs you could get,” he says.

“We’ve only had two so far, we’ve done Innisfail and Cairns, we had a few days in Cairns which was good that some days we can go out and actually do some stuff.”

He says they’re getting into town early to spend the day out and about in the region seeing the sights the Towers has to offer.

Xavier Michelides

Xavier Michelides

“There’s not heaps of time to go out and check out the local area but there’s definitely opportunities, yeah,” he says.

“I’ve been around a lot of places for work but I’m always surprised by the places we see, it’s great.”

It may be a late night before school but he says the show is all inclusive, at parents’ discretion.

“Yeah it’s for anyone who is a fan of it to get out and see comics they wouldn’t usually get to see and also people that may want to do it, they get exposure and see comedy live which is so different to seeing it on TV,”

“It’s pretty all inclusive, there’s definitely adult material but kids are welcome to come along if they want, parents might have to be prepared to explain a few things afterwards, a few new swear words or some of the content.”

Tickets are still available through the World Theatre so, if you can, get along to witness a critically acclaimed comedy show in our own backyard.

“Come along if you like comedy and be ready for a bunch of different acts, everyone is really different so there’s something for everybody,” Michelides says.