Census 2016 – is an Important document for The Region

Don’t let us make the same mistakes again.

censusThat’s the very clear message today from the Charters Towers Regional Council when it comes to filling out those Census documents on August 9th.

The Charters Towers region undercount in the 2011 census is estimated to be between 5.8% and 6.6%, this is a huge loss of income to local and state government coffers. It could mean that we have lost a teacher, medical personnel and important road maintenance funding for our region.

Frances Williams from the ABS Census Office says making sure we all fill out the Census document in August 9th is vital a step in ensuring the provision of services and the development of our region.

“The upcoming census is a valuable way for you to make sure that your region and community has access to funding from federal and state governments.”

Census data is used by government departments to distribute funding to local and state governments to deliver services. Road, education and health funding is based on the participation of people in the census. It is also used to create electoral boundaries.

Given that the national average for undercount is less than 3%, and the undercount for the Brisbane region is less than 1%, our undercount and the number of people not participating in the census is cause for concern.

So the message is clear-A bit of your time on August 9 means years of adequate funding for the region.

Information about this years’ Census is available at: