Carmichael Coal Project on track

Adani is now expected to begin construction work on its Carmichael Mine before Christmas Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen is welcoming the news.

He says The company’s new plan announced this week to essentially halve the length and capacity of rail line needed for the coal Project means jobs flow and investment flow sooner for the Norths key centres.

“Carmichael Coal has changed tack on the rail line, and they will now link in with the existing narrow-gauge existing Aurizon network. This means they only need to construct 200km of rail line rather than 388km.Essentially that adds up to a quicker and cheaper option.”

“And I’ve been told that all approvals and land access agreements are already in place. I met with senior Carmichael Coal Projects representatives today and they’ve informed me they are close to getting finance and construction under way.”

“Thousands of new jobs will open up in both the construction and operation phase of this mine, and benefits will flow directly to North and Central Queensland communities.”

Adani is also planning to sell down its interest in Abbot Point Port to finance the shorter railway.

About 3000 jobs will be needed to build an airport, worker site and the mine itself.

“We’re 100 per cent committed to getting the Carmichael project off the ground,” Mr Dow said.

“By connecting to the existing network, we can fast-track project delivery, reduce capital expenditure and deliver coal more quickly to countries in Asia with growing energy demand”

The shorter, new, narrow gauge railway design will reduce Adani’s capital costs by about half.