Track True Wheel Alignments

78 – 84 New Queen Road, Charters Towers, QLD 4820(07) 4787 8712 (07) 4787 7002

About Track True Wheel Alignments

Operational Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm

78 – 84 New Queen Road (access via Hugh Quinn Crescent)


Track True Wheel Alignments is locally owned and has been operating in Charters Towers since 2000.. We specialize in heavy vehicle wheel alignment and suspension repairs to ensure this allows more safety on the road through better vehicle control, less driver fatigue, reduced associated wear and tear and less stress on other components.

We keep a large range of steering and suspension parts in stock to ensure the quickest return time. 

Our customers range from Queensland and the Northern Territory, down through New South Wales and Victoria.

We also provide cold camber correction to semi-trailer axles, and our premises allows for drive-thru roadtrain access.


 Below are some testimonials from a couple of  our repeat customers:


 The four Tipper Trucks, three Tagalong Floats and two Superdogs utilised by the company are wheel aligned by Track True Wheel Alignments every twelve months.

We would recommend Track True Wheel Alignments to anyone in the transport industry , the quality of work performed and service by Track True Wheel Alignments is outstanding.

(Innsbrook Holdings Pt Ltd is a Machinery Hire Company based in Charters Towers and Townsville) 

Boyd Evans – Innsbrook Holdings P/L.

 We have, over recent years, been fortunate enough to have our equipment checked and serviced at Track-True, the result has been quite dramatic in terms of improved tyre wear and trailer tracking, the money saved in tyre wear alone more than pays for the great service you have provided to our livestock transport company.

Thank you for providing a very essential service to the transport industry in our region. We will continue to have our axle and suspension work carried out at Track-True in future years.

Kindest regards, 

Mick Pattel – Pattel Transport, Richmond Qld 

 Did you know that:

“If a tri-axle trailer, that has all of its wheels miss tracking an average of 5mm/1m, travels from Brisbane to Melbourne, the entire trailer has pulled 9 kilometres sidewards during the trip. This will waste fuel of at least equal value to the amount of rubber the tyres leave behind on the highway:- The Little Big Truck Wheel Alignment Book, Josam Truck Technics Australia P/L. p.4

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