Business Owners Beware

Police are warning of a scam e-mail doing the rounds.

asic fraudThe pictured email is targeting Australian businesses and is in circulation around the region per Police.

While it presents with an apparently authentic ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) logo and the Australian government coat of arms, the email is malicious in nature.

The email encourages the recipient to click the link for a ‘renewal letter’ – applicable it is said, for the business name to be registered.

Police say links in this email have been found to be infected with the ransomware virus.

Clicking any link on the email will mean that your files will be subject to encryption to which the criminals will then offer you access to a unique encryption key to have your files returned.

This key comes at a cost as the ransom amounts demanded are said to be significant.

This email does display some warning signs:
• the email recipient is not identified
• the authentic ASIC email address is in fact
• the illegitimate email address used in this email is
• the alleged author of this email does not appear to work at ASIC

Police say if you receive the e-mail delete it and do not respond to it.

Police also ask that if you or your staff respond to this email and activate the ransomware virus they ask that you report the incident through the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network – ACORN.