Back to School-Rush at Home, Slow Down on the Roads

Back to work after the Easter break for many and also back to school after term one holidays for school kids and that means school speed zones are back in force from today.

School Zone Goondiwindi Plus MoreQueensland drivers are being reminded to slow down and be extra vigilant around schools from today.

Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey says drivers needed to heed the 40km/h speed limit signs in school zones and stay alert to help keep young Queenslanders safe.

“There will be more traffic on the road as school resumes and a greater potential for excited school children to dart out unexpectedly from behind cars.”

We need to slow down around schools during the specified school zone times, usually 7am to 9am and 2pm to 4pm, unless otherwise signed.

Mr Bailey said flashing school zone signs were now installed at more than 730 school zones across Queensland to help draw more attention to the slower speed zones.

Parents and carers are encouraged to remind children about the best ways to stay safe on and around the road, especially if they are travelling to or from school independently.

The Minister says we need to show children how to cross the road at the safest possible point such as traffic lights, a pedestrian (zebra) crossing, refuge, or a position highly visible to drivers.

If they ride their bike or skateboard, make sure they wear their helmet and safety gear and remind them of the safest route to travel.