Anzac Day Resources for Schools

With the countdown on for Anzac Day help is on its way for teachers across the region.

Anzac Day Poster Flanders 1The Federal Government is dispatching to schools, books and posters to educate students about Australia’s wartime history and commemorate Anzac Day.

Schools can expect to receive the education resources by the end of March.

The learning activities are available for free download from the Anzac Portal at
The books explore the stories of individuals who made decisions that saved lives and influenced the outcomes of battles and wars.

The posters are designed to encourage reflection and discussion of two very different but important events in our history – the Third Battle of Ypres and the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba.

Schools will receive two books: Decision: Stories of leadership in the services about the influence of Australian leaders during wartime and A Bitter Fate: Australians in Malaya and Singapore, December 1941 – February 1942.

The two posters commemorate the centenaries of the Flanders Offensive and the Sinai–Palestine Campaign.

The posters will also be distributed to libraries, ex-service organisations, aged care facilities, hospitals and local councils.