Another Independent Report on Land Clearing

State Environment Minister Steven Miles has committed the Government to stopping broadscale tree clearing in Queensland and says it will take that position to the next election.landcare-cattle-farm

His concern and strong statements follow the release by his Department today of an independent scientific report which claims dangers to Queensland’s threatened species caused by land clearing.

Environment Minister Steven Miles says the independent report Scientific review of the impacts of land clearing on threatened species in Queensland sounded the alarm for a number of threatened species.

“This report paints a disturbing picture of how land clearing causes species death and habitat loss, and reduces the resilience of endangered animal and plant species to adapt to climate change.”

“It shows that any further land clearing will put more threatened species at threat of extinction, impact on streams, rivers, wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef marine lagoon, and will contribute to climate change impacts.
“It’s not good enough.”

Queensland’s Species Technical Committee chairperson, John Neldner weighed in to support the Ministers’ tough stand.

“Land clearing has been directly responsible for two plant species becoming extinct in the wild, and has been identified as a threatening process for many of the 739 threatened flora species and 210 threatened fauna species in Queensland.”

The report is publicly available online at