And Here’s Another Scam

Here’s a screen shot of a scam Origin Email bill that Police say is doing the rounds across the region.

fake origin billPolice say information has been received today that this phishing email has been running hot across the region this week.

It’s a phishing email is one designed by a criminal to masquerade as a trusted organization or person and manipulate the recipient into clicking a link or opening an attachment which in turn allows a computer virus to activate onto the relevant system.

The phishing email image shown details as “”.

If you receive this email – DO NOT RESPOND TO IT – don’t click any link.

It is known that this will activate a virus/malware and your personal identification details will be in jeopardy!

Police ask that we all share this post through your social media forums and let’s help each other out – tell your friends and family.

To see the on-line warning issued by Origin themselves go to their website.

If you have responded to this email and know that sensitive information has been stolen, we encourage you to report the matter through the A.C.O.R.N system (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network)