How to add a Charters Towers Community Group

Charters Towers Community Groups get a Free page on the Charters Towers Plus More platform.

To set up a Community group page, an authorised member of the group, association or club will need first to create a user account.

If you are already a user AND a member of one of the above, you can skip past the User Set Up and create your Community Page now by going to your account and clicking on the Request Community Listing tab.

Otherwise please follow the steps below.

Click on the Join Us Button to be taken to the User registration page.
Add your details into the user registration page. You can then use this one account to do everything you want to on the platform from creating a community page, posting events, adding a business page, posting job ads and much more.Charters Join Us

Once you receive your confirmation email, you can login to your account, by clicking the blue login button on the right side of the page and then enter your user name and password then click on the login button under this to see your account set up.

LoginYou will see a screen like this where you can do several things, but for now we will focus on adding your Community Page, so just click on the Request Community Listing tab.

Members page - add community group
You will be taken to a page where you can add all of the information about your group or club.Add community details

When you have added all of your information, click on the submit button. We will then check your page and publish it for you.This may take a few hours, so please be patient.