Adani Carmichael Coal Mine will impact Charters Towers jobs


The flow on impacts from the federal courts decision to overturn the approval of the Adani Carmichael Mine has been dubbed as a huge let down for our region, by Mayor Frank Beveridge.

He says, the federal courts decision will directly impact local jobs.

“It’s a little bit sad to hear that news, there’s a lot of people in North Queensland, miners, small communities, that are looking for job creation in some area and they are hoping this year might be the year that the Charmichael mine started,” says Mayor Beveridge.

“They were hoping for an injection of financial assistance into they’re communities,” he says.

Mayor Beveridge says the region was gearing up to welcome recovery time, and this decision now delays that.

“We’ve got the third year of drought, we’ve had the down turn in the resources industry which has meant layoffs in the coal mining sector, iron ore and gold.

“This delays things further, we were obviously looking forward to the time where Adani would start up, in conjunction with centurylink closing down.

“That would have meant while we lost 1000+ jobs in one area it would be only a short waiting period until we picked them up in another area. Obviously that won’t happen in the short term so we will have to wait a little longer,” says Mayor Beveridge.

All industries certainly have an ebb and flow but Mayor Beveridge says this decision turns the tide for employment our region.

“The economic cycles do turn we were just hoping from our perspective, certainly in Charters Towers, we would have loved to of seen some job creation in the area if possible. All we can do now is hold on,” he says.