A Dire Prediction

An angry Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter says the North Queensland Prawn industry is in trouble as he predicts the South East’s White Spot Virus to head this way.

white spot disease 2With the confirmation that the disease is now in the wild, in the South East’s Moreton Bay, Mr Katter says he doesn’t believe it can be stopped.

“Because the currents flow north, White Spot will now be taken up the Queensland coast and infect the Great Barrier Reef.”

Mr Katter says North Queensland farmers have been warning of the issues all year.

“The Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) President Matt West said in January stocks are at risk because the disease can spread rapidly, especially if it gets hold in the wild”.

Mr Katter says the Federal Government has a lot to answer for and prawn farmers should be angry.

“I congratulate the Government of Australia with their Free Trade policies and no quarantine. Our prawn industry has been sacrificed on the altar of Free Trade.”

“Not only all our industries have been exported overseas, and our jobs exported overseas but you’ve imported workers from overseas, which has been a cancer upon our pay and conditions and job opportunities in Australia — but now you’ve succeeded in destroying our oceans.”

“Every single person associated with the prawn industry and every scientist who ever looked at this knew if you brought the prawns in, you’d bring the White Spot in… and the IHHNV and heaven only knows which hundreds of other diseases we haven’t identified…and these damn people in Canberra run around talking about our clean green image.” Mr Katter said.