50% increase in Federal Government’s Additional Boarding Allowance

The Federal Government has increased the subsidy to help parents send their children to Boarding school.

Boarding-SchoolsMaranoa MP David Littleproud says from January 1 this year, the Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) Additional Boarding Allowance increased by 50%.

“Geographical isolation means boarding school is often the only education option leaving many rural families thousands-of-dollars out of pocket but because this Coalition Government understands the unique challenges rural families face when trying to educate their children.”

Families who don’t have access to state schools receive the government assistance – through initiatives like the AIC – to send their children to boarding school because this is the only education option as a result of geographical isolation, disability or other special needs.

Mr Littleproud says the increase will also apply to the means-tested component of ABSTUDY Group 2 School Fees Allowance (SFA).

“This means lower income families who are geographically isolated will receive additional assistance to improve access to educational opportunities.”

Mr Littleproud says the government will also conduct an independent comprehensive review into equity of education access for rural and remote students to seek fresh ideas to bridge the divide.

The maximum annual amount of Additional Boarding Allowance and the means-tested component of ABSTUDY Group 2 SFA will increase from $1533 to $2322. It will also increase the income limit at which the payment cuts out to $63,481 pa.

The Additional Boarding Allowance is a means-tested supplementary payment to provide extra support for lower-income families with a secondary student who boards away from home.

This is in addition to a non-means tested Basic Boarding Allowance to contribute to the costs of boarding a student away from home.

About 1300 people across Australia will benefit from the increase to the Additional Boarding Allowance and 3000 people will benefit from the increased ABSTUDY Group 2 SFA.