$17 million For Drought-Stricken Communities

The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) has extended and expanded its Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) grant program to provide support to drought-affected communities across the country over the next three years.

Tackling Tough Times Together 1
FRRR’s CEO, Natalie Egleton, says that from today, community groups in drought-affected areas can apply for grants of up to $150,000 to support locally-led responses to the drought.
“The program has been structured to be as flexible as possible to meet the diverse needs of communities.”

“Tackling Tough Times Together will provide support across a spectrum of needs and opportunities, from the small things that will help people to support each other, to more systemic or regionally focussed projects that will build social and economic strength. It’s deliberately flexible.”

“The actual things funded will vary depending on need – from upgrading facilities in local meeting places or events that bind communities, such as rodeos and shows, to skill development sessions to generate alternative income; or funding excursions or new books, so school kids don’t miss out on an education. In short, whatever local leaders and the community decide they need.”

Grants can support projects that focus on:
Reducing social isolation by facilitating strong social cohesion and connection;
Supporting and engaging the community in leadership development and skills training;
Supporting opportunities for social and educational participation and addressing disadvantage caused by the drought, for children and young people;
Reducing volunteer fatigue and building the capacity, capability and sustainability of local non-profit organisations to provide support to their communities, particularly where they are playing an increased role during the drought; and
Supporting local economic recovery or renewal through projects that stimulate economic activity and cash-flow within communities.

More than $17 million has been committed to the program through donations and grants.

Generous contributions have also been made by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, ANZ, Paul Ramsay Foundation, Sidney Myer Fund, Pratt Foundation, Australia Post, Westpac Group, The Snow Foundation, Santos, Aussie Farmers Foundation, Ronald Geoffrey Arnott Foundation, the Qantas Foundation, NRMA, Rex Airlines and private donors from across the nation.